The Community – how can you offer your support?

As the Welsh Government is working away in the background to put plans in place for post-lockdown, those who have been struggling to cope or have lost a loved one during the pandemic will know that the situation is far from over. We still have a long way to go. However, during this time, team Coles has been reviewing the best ways in which we can offer our ongoing support to the Cardiff community, both now and in the future as we reach the ‘new’ normal, whatever that may look like.  We’ve had many people in our community reach out to see what they can be doing too so for our blog this week, we wanted to give some suggestions around how you can offer your support (should you want and have the ability to) during the coronavirus outbreak and beyond.

Donate to local foodbanks
Since the crisis started, food banks have been facing a crisis of their own, with food shortages noted across Wales. As more members of the community face unemployment, reduced wages and other financial strains and volunteers are forced to self-isolate for health reasons, this has caused numerous issues. But team Coles has been working to donate food supplies where we can to local charities, as well as to the Rumney clergy for its distribution. If you’d like to donate to food banks in the Cardiff area, essential items that are needed include long life milk, long life fruit juice, squash, tinned goods and more. You can find out more and donate here>>>


Start an open conversation
We talk about this (and do it) a lot, but we believe that you can’t underestimate the value of an open, honest conversation because talking really does matter. Human connection is incredibly important and especially now, with many facing issues around loneliness. One in four UK adults have reported feelings of loneliness during lockdown, leaving millions feeling isolated. So, pick up the phone, keep in touch with your loved ones and neighbours and let them know that you’re thinking of them. Our team is calling those in the local community, lending an ear to those who may need a chat or a comforting voice on the other end of the phone. If you’d like to get involved in this initiative, please get in touch with our team today>>>


Seek out support
If you’re not quite sure how to support those around you, then seek out guidance or resources from local charities. For example, our charity partners 2 Wish Upon a Star and City Hospice are doing wonderful things to support the community, especially during periods of loss and through end of life care. Additionally, Coles has support available via the Hub and during lockdown in line with social distancing measures, our resident counsellor will be making her services available via 1-2-1 telephone calls. We are also offering ‘Live’ events across Facebook and Instagram to share our knowledge and help those coping with loneliness and dealing with loss. At our latest event, we spoke to Chelsie James, founder of Bereavedat22 on Instagram Live about coping with the loss of a parent and the support available to you during the grieving process. If you missed the session, you can catch up here>>>


In April, we launched our #LightUpWales campaign on social media, encouraging our community to light a candle to commemorate those lives lost during the pandemic, and for those who were unable to attend funerals of loved ones. Over the past few months, this has proved to be a great comfort for those in our community, but as many of us now look to the future, although we could never forget those we’ve lost and all that our key workers have done so far, we’ve made the decision to draw this event to a close. But if you would still like to light your candle and commemorate a loved one as many still do, please tag us as we’d love to see your images and offer our support.


We hope that helps and we hope you’re taking care and staying safe during this period.


From all of us at Team Coles.