Things to do with ashes

What To Do with your Loved Ones Ashes

Choosing the final resting place for your loved one’s ashes is a big decision – and there’s no need to rush into it. Take your time to reflect on the options before making the right decision for you and your family.

We’re here to help in any way we can, and can source the perfect urn, casket or container, as well as recommending local suppliers who can transform your loved one’s ashes into the perfect keepsake.

Here are just a few ideas…

Creating Jewellery to Treasure Forever

To keep loved ones close, and with you at all times, you might want to consider transforming their ashes into a unique piece of exquisite coloured glass or even a certified diamond – that can be used as the centrepiece of jewellery such as a ring, earrings, pendant for a necklace, or cufflinks. The materials used (platinum, gold, silver, bronze etc.) and settings can be tailored to your personal preferences, perfect for men, women and children.

We have samples of all this jewellery (along with our beautiful fingerprint jewellery) on display in Birchgrove for you to see the quality of designs for yourself, and our team will gladly explain your options and prices, and manage the ordering process for you.

Transforming the Ashes into Art

There is a growing trend for ashes to be turned into deeply personal pieces of art, to be cherished and admired by the whole family for years to come. As this is a specialist, hand crafted process, Coles has developed relationships with a select few local artists that we recommended entrusting with your loved one’s ashes. That way, we know you’ll be happy with the beautiful work of art that is created.

Burying (or interring) the Ashes

If you decide to bury your loved one’s ashes in a location that is special to you, such as a cemetery, natural burial ground or garden, there are a wide range of caskets and urns to choose from. Many of which can be personalised to your exacting requirements.

From traditional high quality metal and solid wood to more environmentally friendly ranges that have been designed to have no lasting impact on the environment – simply get in touch and we can help you choose the perfect container for burial. You may also wish to hold a ceremony to mark the interment at the point of burial, which Coles can arrange for you.

Scattering the Ashes

Should you decide to scatter your loved one’s ashes at a place that’s significant to you and your family, you may wish to use a purposely designed scatter tube for the occasion, which can be personalised to your loved one. The Scatter Tubes we recommend are designed to release the ashes with ease, ensuring a poignant and respectful occasion.

Woodlands, beaches, gardens and favourite viewing spots are often popular with our customers – and we’d be happy to share the guidelines for specific locations with you.
Whatever you decide is right for your loved one, here at Coles we will ensure their final wishes are carried out to the last letter.

Keeping the Ashes at Home

You may decide to keep your loved one’s ashes close, at home – perhaps on a mantelpiece, in a quiet reading corner, or in your garden. We stock lots of decorative urns and caskets that are perfect for displaying in your home, and depending on your personal preferences, can be personalised to your loved one.

Coles can also recommend local providers who can create bespoke ashes memorials, just for you.

Small Keepsakes to Share Ashes amongst your Family

Some people, particularly if they are a part of a large family, decide to divide their loved one’s ashes into smaller, beautifully designed keepsake containers. These beautiful, handcrafted keepsakes and mini urns are a wonderful gift for family and friends and are a special reminder of the person they love.

Memory Bears (with or without Ashes)

For children (and big kids too), we can highly recommend local crafts people who can transform a special item of your loved one’s clothing into a loveable Memory Bear. You might also decide to include a small container of ashes in the bear, so your loved one can be kept close and cherished at all times.