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Coffins & American Caskets from Coles

Whether you prefer traditional and modest or more innovative and bespoke – your choices are endless. Here is a small selection of our most popular coffins and caskets to give you an idea of the designs and finishes available to you.

You can be sure that we only ever source our coffins and caskets from top-of-the-range suppliers, renowned for the highest of standards of manufacture, and if you visit our Birchgrove funeral home, you can see and feel the quality for yourself…


Our team will be happy to help you choose the most appropriate style in which to lay your loved one to rest, including decoration or personalisation to perfectly reflect the life they lived…

The Coles American Caskets Selection

Precision made in North America by one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers, these handcrafted caskets are finished to perfection for the grandest of farewells.


Choose from gloss-finished solid wood caskets made of the finest mahogany, oak, cherry, poplar and maple, or from magnificent metal caskets including steel, bronze and copper.


Each casket is fully furnished inside and out with exceptional quality fittings including matching handles and soft, detailed interiors.


Beautifully subtle, to refined and majestic, to delicate carvings of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, this stylish range covers it all.


The Coles Classic Selection

Crafted in superior solid wood as well as veneered wood finishes, our traditional coffins are available in a wide range of styles.


The Coles Signature Selection

The pinnacle of the coffin maker’s art, each coffin in this exquisite range is  individually handmade from carefully selected, beautiful solid wood.


The Coles Signature Catholic Selection

For religious funerals, select from a wide range of high-quality wood coffins in an array of finishes, and decorated with religious symbols of your choice.


The Coles Contemporary Selection

There is no limit to the bespoke personalisation you can make to our contemporary coffin range – you choose the colour, pattern, sentiment and message to reflect the life of your loved one in the most fitting way.


The Coles Eco Friendly Selection

Increasingly popular, our beautiful range of willow coffins are perfect for families who are seeking an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wooden coffins.