Arranging a Funeral

It’s time to say goodbye…

Together, we can arrange your loved one’s funeral in a way that’s truly personal to them. Religious, humanist or eco-friendly? Simple ceremony or a big send-off? According to their plan, or not really sure about their wishes? Our experienced team will guide you through the decisions you’ll need to make, helping you honour all the important details of your loved one’s life.

No detail is too small.

What to think about when you are ready…

  • Where would you like your loved one to rest?
  • Do they have any religious or self-care needs that need to be attended to?
  • Did your loved one pre-arrange their funeral or write down any of their wishes?
  • Would your loved one prefer to be buried or cremated?
  • Did they have a funeral plan/fund, or do you have a budget in mind?
  • What type of funeral would your loved one have wanted?
  • A celebration of their life at a crematorium, natural burial site, or a venue that is close to their heart?
  • A traditional religious ceremony at a place of worship?
  • Perhaps a simple, non-religious ceremony or a direct burial or cremation?
  • Would you like family and friends to gather after the ceremony at a wake or funeral reception?
  • Or would you like to arrange a memorial concert or service for your loved one at a later date and need some help in the meantime

Our Funeral Packages

Help Financing the Funeral

Finding the money to pay for a funeral if you are on a low income or have high financial commitments can be extremely stressful. Particularly if your loved one’s death was unexpected or they didn’t make any provision for their funeral costs.

The good news is, you might be eligible for financial assistance through government schemes including the Funeral Expenses Payment, Child Funeral Support, and the Bereavement Support Payment.

Eligibility will vary and may depend on your circumstances, including any benefits you may be receiving, any other money that’s available to cover funeral costs, such as an insurance policy or the deceased person’s estate.

Paying for the Funeral Arrangements

All is not lost. Coles has developed partnerships with a number of trusted and reputable finance providers that can help you to pay for the perfect send-off for your loved one. Depending on your individual circumstances, the following options could be helpful to you…

Funeral Safe

If there’s no estate and no provision made – paying for the funeral falls to the deceased family. However, to ease this financial burden, Funeral Safe is a specialist funeral loan provider, offering highstreet bank interest rates, no repayment penalties – and giving you complete control of the amount you borrow.

Curtis Legal & Medical

If your loved one has left an estate and you contract Curtis Legal to manage the probate process for you – Curtis Legal will pay all funeral costs in full, pending probate. Their fixed professional fee, along with the funeral costs will then be deducted from the balance of the estate when it has been settled.