Celebration of Life

Celebrate the Life of Your Loved One

Meaningful, memorable and a reflection of how your loved one will live on in the hearts and minds of family, friends and colleagues – a Celebration of Life can be a joyful event at what is otherwise a difficult time.

It can take place in concert with a traditional funeral service, or in place of such an event – either a short time after your loved one has died, or many weeks or even months later. And you can hold the service in any location that has significance to your loved one.

Often less formal and structured than a traditional funeral service, we’ll arrange a Celebration of Life exactly as you’d like it.

No detail is too small.

Some inspiration for ways to celebrate your loved one’s life:


Invite friends, family and colleagues to share their favourite stories about your loved one – the funnier the better! If your loved one was a writer, reading something they have crafted might help you tell their story in their own words.

Get active or creative

If your loved one had a passion or interest (perhaps dancing, surfing, painting or singing) you could perhaps arrange a display or concert of their favourite thing to do, or if you’re feeling really adventurous – arrange a group activity for all the guests to get involved.


Encourage everyone to bring a memento that reminds them of your loved one to display at the venue so you can peruse, ponder and touch all the items that meant something to your loved one and their family and friends.

Take time to Remember

A candle-lighting service, bubble release or moment’s silence will be the perfect opportunity for all the guests to truly remember all the special things about your loved one.

Plant Something

A tree or flower bed or vegetable garden, particularly if your loved one was a keen gardener. This can be in a place that people return to remember your loved one, after the celebration.

Transport with a Difference

Have your loved one arrive in style – or make a statement with the cortege. That way the Celebration begins the moment you start your journey…

Take a ride

If your loved one was an adventurer, vehicle enthusiast, or horse rider even, you might want to include a short ‘joy-ride’ in the celebrations, visiting a favourite spot.

Celebrating in Style

Black is an option, of course, but it’s not the only option. And when Celebrating a Life, anything goes! Encourage your guests to dress however they’d like, pick your loved one’s favourite colour – or you could even choose a theme!

Make a Playlist

Of all your loved ones favourite songs and play it at the Celebration of Life ceremony. You’ll find lots of your guests will sing, hum or even dance along!

Memory Making

Ask everyone to write or draw in a book or contribute to a memory box that can be used to remember your loved one for years to come. You might decide to turn this into a time capsule, to unveil at a memorial service in years to come.

Tell it with Pictures

Display a slide show of photos of your loved one, from their birth to the present day. You can share it with loved ones after the event.

Feast and be Merry

Celebrations of Life often include food and drink, especially if your loved one was a foodie. Whether its tea and cake, canapés and cocktails, or a pie and a pint – inviting guests to eat together and raise a toast to your loved one is a wholesome way to support each other.