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Everyone is Welcome at The Coles Bereavement Hub

About 1% of the UK population dies each year, which means about 3500 will die in Cardiff, and each of those deaths will affect many more people in different ways. This in turn, has an impact on our community here in Cardiff.

It’s why Coles has a Bereavement Hub, here in the heart of the city. The Hub is a dedicated community space, situated above our funeral home in Birchgrove, and provides a range of free to access bereavement support – all in one place! This welcoming and calming environment is one in which the Coles team hopes to nurture positive and supportive conversation around death, dying and coping with bereavement all the year round.

The best way to find out what it’s like here, is to drop in and experience it for yourself. Everyone is welcome.


Counselling Support

We offer telephone and online chat bereavement support with our trusted partners. If you’re a Coles customer, this is completely free of charge as part of our aftercare service. Simply get in touch to find out more.

Free to use Meeting Space

Whether you’d like to train your team, hold a support group, host a coffee morning in aid of a charity, or you just want somewhere to meet with your friends – this free to use space is beautifully furnished, warm and inviting.

An Education Programme

Earlier this year, Coles started working in partnership with local schools to bring the subject of death to the classroom, and to The Hub, in a highly interactive and engaging learning experience for the children.


Free to use Resources at The Hub:

Taking care of your mental health, especially when you are grieving, is one of the kindest and most important things that you can do – for yourself, and for all those around you. Talking really does help, and so does the range of resources you can access, free of charge, here at The Hub.


  • Bereavement Group and Bereavement Counselling information – all in one place
  • Bereavement & Wellness Library
  • ‘Talking Matters’ Resources
  • Dedicated Kids Corner
  • Death Positive Events
  • Kindness and Support
  • Funeral Planning Advice

Our Plans for The Hub

As a relatively new initiative for us, we are still shaping our longer-term plans for The Hub. In the short term we intend to:


  • Spread the word about the free bereavement counselling available here.
  • Champion a series of ‘Death Positive’ events, to encourage year round conversation about the importance of planning for our end of life.
  • Host regular drop in ‘surgeries’ or ‘clinics’ where people can access end of life, estate management, will writing and funeral planning services etc.
  • Raise lots of money for our charity partners at Coffee Mornings and fundraising events at the Hub.
  • Encourage more community groups to use the space for meetings and events.
  • Make more of our resources available online, so they are even easier to access.
  • Extend our Education Programme by working with more schools in the local community.

If you have any other ideas, or would like to get involved and support the initiatives currently available at The Hub, the Coles team would very much appreciate your help! This is a community space, and everyone is welcome.