Slide Funeral Transport

Arranging the final journey

Your final journey together with your loved one can be an extremely emotional one, but by creating a unique and fitting tribute it can become a memorable moment cherished by your family and friends.

From traditional funeral hearses and limousines right through to alternative means of transport such as motorcycle hearses, horse-drawn carriages and specialist vehicles such as a Rolls Royce or Bentley, we can help handle the practicalities of organising and booking whatever you require.

Rest assured, whatever you decide, all our vehicles are polished to perfection, immaculately valeted and expertly driven so your loved one and your family will arrive in style.


Our Signature Silver Fleet

Many families who arrange Celebration of Life ceremonies are seeking an alternative to the ‘all black’ traditions of funeral transport, making our unusual silver fleet an attractive and stylish option. And you won’t find a silver fleet of this quality anywhere else in Wales.

Traditional Black Hearses and Limousines

Our classic black fleet remains a firm favourite for many families who want a traditional funeral procession. This is a particularly attractive option for large families who want to travel together to support each other en route to the service.

Classic Cars

Whether your loved one was passionate about Rolls Royces, Bentleys or Aston Martins, or preferred the American style Corvettes, Mustangs or Dodge Chargers – we can arrange a funeral cortege of classic cars as a fitting final journey for the classic car enthusiast.

Horse Drawn Transport

A popular choice with horse lovers, horse-drawn hearses and mourner’s coaches are available in a range of colours and styles to make a truly impressive cortege. We work with the very finest suppliers to ensure the magnificent horses used in each procession are well cared for, and that the carriages are of the highest quality and specification.

Motorcycle Hearses

Why should those who loved bikes, last be seen travelling in anything else? A motorcycle hearse followed by a procession of loved ones riding in their leathers to say their goodbyes is one of the most heartfelt ways that bikers can take that final journey together.

Morris Minor Hearses

Rebuilt and converted with loving care, the Morris Minor hearse is perfect for enthusiasts of this iconic car. Having been repurposed and recycled, the Morris Minor is also an appropriate choice for anyone considering an ecologically sympathetic funeral.

VW Camper Hearses and Fleet

The iconic VW camper is a symbolic vehicle in which to make the final journey with your loved one – especially if they had a sense of adventure, passion for travel, love of the outdoors, enjoyed surfing, lived for music festivals, or they simply loved Volkswagens! For large families, Beetles can be added to the fleet, making a remarkable procession that everyone will remember fondly.

Bicycle Hearses

With ‘green funerals’ increasing in popularity on a daily basis, we have recently sourced a Bicycle Hearse to ensure the carbon footprint on your loved one’s funeral can be kept to a minimum. There is no right or wrong way to travel to a funeral service, and if one last bike ride together is the best way to say goodbye to your loved one – then we will be happy to organise the procession for you…