March funeral flower of the month: the beginning of spring

Written by Office Manager, Claire Robertson:

The daffodil (narcissus) is without doubt, the most iconic flower in Wales – and it can be seen growing everywhere in swathes of brilliant yellow at this time of the year. Symbolising rebirth and new beginnings, which is why it’s sometimes known as the ‘Lent Lily’, narcissi are a really popular choice for funerals.Available in wide a range of striking blooms that often give off a heady fragrance, daffodils are a hardy cut flower and they last a long time making them ideally suited to a funeral tribute. The more common varieties are also a very low cost choice. I’ve seen some beautiful arrangements that comprise daffodils only – some using just one variety, others that feature a range of shades, shapes and sizes.


For anyone who wants to balance the vibrancy of the yellow with more muted shades of filler/foliage or contrasting flowers – here are a few other in season options:


  • Tulips, hyacinths or crocuses – for bold, contrasting colour

  • Lisianthus – loose, pale buds that offer a muted alternative
  • Antirrhinum – small bud garden flower in range of subtle colours, and
  • Willow, ivy, grasses – add foliage to the tribute for contrast and interest.


If ever there’s a time for bold colour at a funeral – it’s spring. As mentioned in my last blog, this time of year is also perfect for living tributes that you can plant in the garden after the service to remind you of your loved one, year after year…


I’d be delighted to help if you’d like advice or assistance with planning floral tributes or any of the personalised details that make a service special, simply get in touch.