February Funeral Flower of the Month: It had to be the rose!

Written by Office Manager, Claire Robertson:

It would be remiss of me not to talk about the rose this month – it is, after all, synonymous with love, Valentine’s Day, and the month of February. Perhaps you were lucky to receive a red rose last Wednesday?

The rose was the clear choice for our Petal Release on Valentine’s Day to launch our #ThingsLeftUnsaidCardiff campaign to encourage the Death Positive movement here in Cardiff. Two-dozen white roses were set adrift downstream bearing messages of things people wish they’d said to their loved ones (see image of Gareth Coles to the right releasing the roses). It was a poignant reminder of how important it is to tell our loved ones how we feel about them while we have the chance. The ceremony also symbolised our pledge to inspire the community in Cardiff to engage in conversation about death in an open, honest, and curious way.


Apart from true black and blue, roses come in every colour imaginable and there are literally hundreds of varieties to choose from. They’re an incredibly popular funeral choice; particularly in red as a symbol of ‘love’, light pink for ‘grace’, white for ‘grief’, and yellow as a sunny symbol of ‘friendship’ (although some sources state yellow is synonymous with ‘infidelity’!).


However, the rose is not the only fitting floral tribute that you could consider this month. Tulips are a bold and beautiful, although they can be quite difficult to keep looking fresh for long thanks to their tall stems.


Primroses and crocuses (right) are in-season alternatives that hint at spring, and if you ask your florist, they should be able to use them uncut in the tribute so that you can plant them afterwards and see them bloom year after year as a poignant reminder of your final goodbye.


If you’d like any help or guidance regarding the options available to you when planning a funeral, including floral tributes, music, readings, writing eulogies, transport, scatter sites, and memorial stones etc – please do drop me a line and I’ll be happy to help.