Today we are celebrating at the ‘Death Oscars’

Written by Gareth Coles:

Dubbed the ‘Oscars of the Funeral Trade’ ( or Death Oscars), today I have the pleasure of accompanying James Rogers at the Good Funeral Awards at Porchester Hall in London.James is a finalist in the Funeral Arranger of the Year category, having been nominated for the tremendous work he does with Coles’ customers here in Cardiff.

Set up in 2012, the Awards are designed to showcase the excellence of the British funeral industry: celebrating people who do outstanding work for the bereaved and recognising the country’s best gravediggers, embalmers and funeral directors.

The organisers explain the concept of the Awards: “The ceremony is a bridge between the general public and the much misunderstood funeral industry… Winning a Good Funeral Award is a sign that the public can come to you and enjoy the high-quality service they deserve.”

The funeral industry is considered a mystery by many, but initiatives like the Awards, now in their sixth year, and blogging and social media are helping to dispel the myths and provide a behind the scenes glimpse at what goes on.  The industry needs these positive, good news stories to encourage new talent into the industry in order to maintain high standards of care for the deceased and their families.

It’s not often we get to celebrate this industry – and I can’t wait to enjoy this afternoon in London with James and our fellow professionals from all over the UK. I’ll be sure to share a snapshot of what happens… so stay tuned!