Things Left Unsaid to your Loved One?

Written by Director, Gareth Coles:

Working closely with bereaved families throughout Cardiff, we’re very aware that in grief, many people feel regret that they didn’t get the chance, or didn’t have the courage, to share important things with their loved one before they died.So we’d like to give you the opportunity to acknowledge these thoughts in our commemorative ‘Things Left Unsaid’ Petal Release on Valentine’s Day. The 14th February is the perfect day for this release because the day is now closely associated with sending messages of love and appreciation – not just between romantic couples, but between family, children, and friends.

And in the tradition of Valentine’s Day, your messages of love and ‘things left unsaid’ will be anonymous (for complete discretion simply message us directly). We’ll write the message on a slip of (dissolvable) paper and attach it to a white rose ahead of the release – before sending them adrift downstream into the Rhymney River.

The time and place for the release will be announced very soon – so stay tuned!

Talking about death and your grief can be really cathartic, and this petal release marks Coles Funeral Directors’ commitment to growing the Death Positive Movement in Cardiff and the surrounding areas.