Spring, Easter, and Religious Funerals…

Written by Director, Gareth Coles:

For many of you reading this blog, the Bank Holiday last weekend will have been filled with egg hunts, too much chocolate – and perhaps an Easter Vigil. This time of year is, of course, important for many congregations in Cardiff as a period of celebration, reflection and prayer.Whether you celebrated Easter Sunday last week, or you’ve celebrated Easter Sunday today according to the Julian calendar, we hope you had a wonderful weekend of worship and celebration.


Here at Coles, we take great pride in working with Cardiff families that practice different belief systems and religious customs – working closely with Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Orthodox, Mormon, Jewish, Sikh, and Muslim communities as well – to ensure we can help you incorporate all the appropriate spiritual elements into the funeral service to make it the perfect reflection of the life of your loved one.


For example, as the Catholic funeral provider of choice for many congregations living in Cardiff – we work closely with Priests and families to decide whether the Requiem Mass or Service is more suitable and providing suggestions for appropriate hymns, prayers and eulogies (Entrance, Offertory, Holy Communion & Recessional) in accordance with sacred scriptures. Our bespoke services include:


  • Viewing & paying respects to your loved one – to help you say goodbye our viewing room at our funeral home on Newport Road, Cardiff, is equipped with Catholic ornaments and rosaries for use in Prayer Vigils.


  • Placing of Personal Rosaries – if supplied, a personal rosary will be placed in the coffin with your loved one.


  • The evening prior to the Mass – we can organise for the deceased to be brought into your home or received into the Church.


  • Bespoke Orders of Service – working with our funeral stationery partners, we’ll create a service that is detailed and relevant to the Mass.


  • During the Mass – we’ll use our experience in detailed customs such as draping a pall cloth over the coffin to respect every intricate element of the Roman Catholic faith.


  • After the Service –whether it’s the same day or 6 months/anytime after the funeral service, we can assist with the Rite of Committal as required. (For the families who choose cremation, in 2016 the Vatican issued updated guidelines over how a Catholic’s cremation ashes should be conserved after their funeral, and we can also help you uphold these practises.)


For more information about the different Religious Funeral services that Coles provides, we have a dedicated section on our website which should hopefully answer any questions you may have. (But if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for or require a service that isn’t mentioned, please do drop me a line directly).


Our promise to all our customers is that no matter how specific your religious needs, we’ll do our very best to accommodate them through our bespoke services, our experienced team, and our specialist facilities.