Saying ‘Thank You’ to Those Who Died to Save Us

Written by Head of Communications, Francesca Coles:

This Poppy Appeal, The Royal British Legion (who we work closely with here in Cardiff) is leading the Nation in saying ‘Thank You’ to the First World War generation who served, sacrificed and changed our world.With beautiful, poignant Red Poppy installations the focus point for communities across the UK this weekend, all eyes here in Cardiff will be on the Field of Remembrance in the grounds of the castle.

Many who join in Cardiff’s Remembrance Day Parade will be wearing a red poppy to commemorate the soldiers who died in the First World War, and in every war since. This year, it’s also likely there will be many who choose to wear a white poppy. The Peace Pledge Union (PPU), who make and produce the white poppy, have seen a 30 per cent increase in the number being sold compared to this time last year.

The white poppies were first conceived by the Co-operative Women’s Guild – a national organisation set up to provide women working in co-operatives a voice – in 1933, and they became used by non-violence and faith organisations.

Whilst in recent weeks there has been a great deal of controversy around the white poppy, many organisations like St John’s Ambulance, are encouraging their volunteers to wear whichever colour poppy they prefer.

After all, Remembrance is defined as ‘the action of remembering something or someone’ – and however we choose to do that in a positive and respectful way, should be encouraged.

The act of remembrance can stir many emotions, and not just grief for those who sacrificed their lives in war… so next week, I’ll be sharing some of the ways that people find comfort in the act of remembering.