Remembrance Gifts that Celebrate Life

Written by Claire Robertson, Office Manager at Coles Funeral Directors:

December is widely considered a time for celebration with gift-giving high on the agenda at the end of the month! This got us thinking… as more often than not when a loved one choses cremation and their ashes aren’t interred or scattered – their cremains are kept in a container, tucked away in a safe place. So we’ve compiled 3 alternative ways to preserve their memory that serve as beautiful remembrance gifts for you to share with your family and friends to remind them of your dearly departed…

  1. A decorative casket, container, urn or sculpture (like the lily below) can make a thoughtful and stylish gift that your family member or friend can display in their home, garden, or in a place of significance.
  2. Small, pocket sized containers (like the enamelled heart shape container below) are perfect for sharing the memory of a loved with close family and friends; this is a particularly great (and fair) idea for large families!
  3. Fine jewellery (like the ring, earrings and necklace set below) hand-made from your loved one’s ashes or embellished with their fingerprint are sure to be treasured forever by the recipient.


Small keepsake urn Ashes into glass example

There are also some fantastic companies (local to Cardiff) that will transform a loved one’s favourite item of clothing into a plush toy which contains a secret compartment for a small container of cremains. This is a particularly lovely idea for young children and grandchildren at this time of year.


Even if you’ve already interred or scattered your loved one’s cremains, there are thoughtful gifts inspired by your dearly departed that you can share with friends and family. For example, candles are a feature of the season and a remembrance candle engraved with personalised information of the departed is a thoughtful memento for family and friends at this time of year.


There’s not a great deal of time to commission any of these gift ideas – but if you like what you see, why not give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for. We can get back to you with a price and let you know whether it will be ready in time for Christmas – get in touch.