Planning the funeral you want

Written by Gareth Coles:

If you read the Echo, you may have read Cardiff pensioner Glenys Burrows’ tragic story of how her home in Ely was burgled while she slept, and the money she had been saving to pay for her funeral was stolen. It really touched us here at Coles and we simply had to help so we got in touch with her son Ken via the editor of the article.He then spoke to his mum to explain that we’d offered to help with her funeral expenses – a conversation which he described as ‘bizarre’: Ken said he “found it a bit strange talking to her about it , but at her age it’s important to have those chats”.

And it really is important to have those chats. At any age. We quite often speak to families who are unsure of their loved ones final wishes and whilst we try to help by discussing all the options, it can be stressful for them making decisions like:

  • Should they have donated your organs or offered your body to medical science?
  • Did you have a preference for burial or cremation?
  • Would you have preferred a humanist/celebration of life service?
  • Were there particular readings or music you’d have liked to be included in the service?
  • Was there a charity close to your heart that you’d have wanted donations to be sent to in lieu of traditional floral tributes?

Telling your loved ones what you want to happen when you die is one of the most important and considerate things you can do so that they can pay their last respects, knowing they’ve done right by you.

Whilst the conversation might be a little ‘awkward’ to start, I think you’ll be surprised how good you feel about it afterwards. After speaking to them, if you’d like further peace of mind, you can always come and speak directly to us and we can help you pre-plan your funeral in as much or as little detail as you’d like to. This doesn’t require any upfront payment (although you can also pre-pay if you’d like to secure today’s prices) and you can of course change your mind at any time.

I’ve been to see Glenys to discuss the style of funeral she’d like when the time comes.  It wasn’t a difficult conversation; we simply had a lovely chat. She’s a truly remarkable lady and hopefully now she has some peace of mind knowing plans are in place according to her wishes.