November Flower of the Month: Poppies and other symbolic stems

Written by Office Manager, Claire Robertson:

If you’re part of our Facebook community, you’ll have seen that this month we have a Remembrance Tree in our funeral home on Newport Road – on which, each leaf is a message of remembrance for a departed loved one. (There is still time to include your message of love simply follow this link.)As well as Remembrance, you don’t need me to tell you that November is synonymous with Poppies – the striking symbol of Remembrance and Hope. In 2016, the Poppy Appeal was headline news with contentious argument that wearing a poppy ‘glorifies war’ so this year the Royal British Legion is inviting us all to ‘Rethink Remembrance’ and sharing the true story of the Poppy.

In short – the Poppy is not a symbol of death, a sign of support for war, or a reflection of politics and religion. It is a symbol of Remembrance and hope worn by millions of people not just to remember the fallen, but to support our current generation of veterans and service personnel.

Whilst poppies flower in the UK from June to August, paper and fabric poppies and wreaths adorn our graveyards at this time of year; but if you’re looking for floral tribute inspiration this month, there are many other striking and fragrant stems that are in season, including:

  • Orchids – with so many varieties to choose from, it’s easy to understand why orchids feature in contemporary floral tributes as they symbolise: love, beauty, fertility, refinement, thoughtfulness and charm.
  • Hyacinth – an intricate, intoxicatingly fragrant flower symbolic of sincerity, hope, and forgiveness, commonly grown in white or cool blue, this is a very popular flower at this wintry time of year.
  • Amaryllis – a striking geometric bloom (often red) that’s symbolic of grandeur and pride (in a good way!) these stems are often used to symbolise the love of and from a strong, confident, very beautiful woman.

As ever, if you’d like personalised advice on arranging a floral tribute for your loved one’s funeral, please do not hesitate to get in touch.