My New Year’s Resolution 2018

Written by Director, Gareth Coles:

This month, it probably comes as no surprise that we’re talking about ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ here at Coles, and everyone in the team has made at least one… have you?According to a recent survey reported in the Telegraph last week, 85% of the promises we make to ourselves in January are to look after our health and/or wellbeing, so chances are, your resolution is aimed at getting fitter, healthier, or spending more time doing things that make you happiest with friends and family. Interestingly the article also mentioned that in our attempts to stick to our resolutions and improve our health, we’re also likely to make our bank balances a bit healthier too as we ditch expensive nights out and takeaways for outdoor activity and home cooking.

If all this sounds familiar, then you might also be interested to hear that half of us won’t stick to it because we’ve set ourselves overly ambitious targets or we simply have no will power! All the ‘Resolution’ articles I read before Christmas recommended setting a specific, measurable, attainable goal – and to write it down… so here goes!

This year, I have committed to blogging at least one article per month to help you get better prepared for death: our last adventure. We can prepare in many ways;

  • Contemplating what will happen at the end of our lives,
  • Talking about death with friends and family and telling them what we’d like to happen when we die,
  • Getting our paperwork straight and saving for our send off.

So every month, I’ll be sharing tips and advice on all of this and more, based on the things I’ve learned during my many years in the death care industry and working closely with bereaved families here in Cardiff.

I promise to keep it practical and upbeat – and I hope you’ll stay tuned! If you have any questions or you’d like to suggest a topic for one of my blogs, please drop me a line and I’ll do my best to help (and if it’s not my area of expertise, I’ll find someone who is better qualified to blog on the subject!).