New beginnings and New Services…

Yesterday, it was the Spring Equinox – and in just over a week we’ll be enjoying longer days and shorter nights as the clocks go back (even if that does mean losing an hour of sleep on Mothers’ Day of all days!).

Traditionally the time of ‘new beginnings’, our wildlife is at its liveliest in spring. It’s always beautiful here in Cardiff with daffodils in their full blaze of glory and the green returning to the trees.

As people head outdoors every chance they get to take in the fresh air, many will also be attending gravesides and memorial stones to clear away the winter debris and plant (if permitted) or place some spring flowers.

Indeed, planting something is one of three ways that bereavement counsellors recommend coping with grief during spring. Spring can be especially hard for those grieving, as it seems that everyone else is making a fresh start. Whilst no change in season will help you undo your loss, counsellors suggest that the following might help with ‘moving forward’…

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re a Coles customer and feel you or a family member would benefit from talking to a skilled and qualified counsellor, we have launched a new service that means you can do so completely free of charge. Get in touch to find out more >

  1. Planting something
    Research indicates that spending time outdoors is a great way to clear your mind and improve your mood. Even 5 minutes outdoors can make a significant difference. Heading outside to plant some bulbs in a pot that you can put in your loved one’s favourite spot in your garden (or house) is a low-maintenance option. Whilst the more green fingered may consider planting an entire memorial garden in their loved one’s honour.
  2. Spring cleaning
    Spring cleaning is also a great motivator for updating your memories and making time to get round to jobs; like changing the photographs you have on display, refreshing the memorial you’ve made for your loved one, or maybe even sorting through their things if you’ve been putting that off. If you’re feeling more adventurous, or like it’s time for a change, perhaps refreshing the décor in one of your rooms will help improve how you’re feeling.
  3. Starting something new
    Grief can often leave people feeling lonely and isolated. But with so many activities re-starting and community groups getting together in spring, it’s the ideal time to consider trying something new. Whether it’s learning a new skill, joining an exercise class, reading group or supper club, or taking part in an activity day– there is plenty to choose from, right on your doorstep. And there are some wonderful community projects/initiatives that would value your support…

Meanwhile, for the Coles team this Spring, we’re busy planning the opening of our Bereavement Hub (at our funeral home in Birchgrove)… and I am really looking forward to being able to share more details with you very soon!