A look back at Coles Funeral Directors’ 2017…

Written by Director Gareth Coles:

It’s with bittersweet reflection that I look back through 2017. After all, a very busy year for Coles Funeral Directors means that many of the families we’ve worked with will have been missing someone special during this Season’s festivities. We hope you’ve been remembering the good times…Throughout the year, a number of our customers have also welcomed new members into their family having celebrated marriages and new arrivals; as you know, we too are eagerly awaiting the youngest of the Coles to arrive in February 2018!

Whilst the Coles family is growing, so too is the Coles team and it has been a pleasure and a privilege to lead such a dedicated, skilled, and empathetic group of individuals this year – our best year yet. They have truly deserved the awards they have received this year and I’d like to thank them for all their hard work and good spirit that they bring to work each day. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their support, for entrusting the care of their loved ones’ funerals to Coles, and for preparing for their last adventures by using our range of pre-planning services.

So that’s nearly it from me until the New Year – but before I sign off, here are my personal highlights from 2017; as you can see, it was hard to pick just a few!