Holly, ivy, fir trees, poinsettias and some more unusual Christmas blooms!

Written by Office Manager, Claire Robertson:

December is a time of celebration, but often a time of great sadness as the winter months claim their many casualties and our losses, past and present, are at the forefront of our minds. It’s a time when lots of people visit the graves or resting places of their loved ones to lay wreaths inspired by foliage made famous by songs!But it’s not just the month of holly, ivy and poinsettias (all of which are symbolic of love, devotion and ever-lasting life). Despite frost, snow, wind and rain there are many symbolic flowers that flourish at this time of year including:

  • Winter Camellias – an evergreen shrub with showy flowers in white, pink and red that are symbolic of longing, adoration and love
  • Hellebores (Christmas Rose) – not really a rose at all, this beautiful flower of love belongs to the buttercup family and is in full bloom at this time of year (although be careful as it can cause skin irritations).
  • Ranunculus – a delicate bloom with a paper-like quality, this flower is symbolic of romantic love and awe; a firm favourite at funerals.

Gerberas are also really popular at this time of year, not least because this bloom from the daisy-family comes in a rich deep red colour. In Celtic history, gerberas were thought to lessen the stresses and sorrows of life. Rather than a mark of sorrow, these flowers really are a celebration of life – and could be the perfect addition to your wreath this year to celebrate the life your loved one lived…

If you need any advice or support with arranging a funeral over the Christmas period, we’re here to help so please get in touch and we’ll guide you through the process.