What will your favourite flower say about you?

Written by Services Manager, Claire Robertson:

This month we’ve been talking about how it’s important to have choice when it comes to end of life care and funeral plans.  There is always a lot to think about when somebody dies and making funeral arrangements can be stressful. All too often, people feel hurried into making funeral arrangements and don’t really know the cost implications of what they order. As Services Manager here at Coles, I believe an important part of my role is to guide people through their options, explaining the things they need to consider – including the price of the choices they make.Whilst floral tributes are often an important part of a funeral service, and give mourners the opportunity to share a note with the deceased or the family – they don’t have to be expensive, particularly if you buy in season. We work with a range of florists who can advise on the best use of your budget. Alternatively there is nothing stopping you from having pot plants, shop-bought bouquets, foraged bouquets or hand tied arrangements from your garden/allotment, or even dried flowers instead. It should be down to your personal choice, so never feel pressured to have flowers if you don’t want them.

So what do your favourite blooms say about your personality?

  • Roses – whether you choose a traditional variety or a more modern take on this classic, choosing the rose suggests you are a sophisticated, independent person.
  • Sunflowers – ever the optimists, sunflower lovers set their sights high and thrive, just like these vibrant blooms that are popular at humanist funeral services.
  • Calla lilies – often used to symbolise death, if you like these elegant blooms it shows you are a strong, silent, no-fuss kind of person.
  • Hydrangeas – symbolic of versatility, choosing these beautiful blooms suggests you are a team player and offer strength to more fragile people.
  • Orchids – you a love a little luxury! These exotic blooms are synonymous with the best of the best but they can be quite an expense.
  • Tulips – these blooms follow the sun and brighten up even the most miserable of days making them a firm favourite of positive, laid back people with lots of friends.
  • Irises – creative, art-loving types are drawn to these ‘symbols of royalty’ as they stand bold and beautiful, inspiring others around them.
  • Peonies – these luxurious blooms don’t last long so they make sense for people who advocate living in the moment and appreciating the good things in life.

And peonies are in season in June so if these are your loved ones favourite flowers, they are in high supply and smell wonderful.

As ever, if there is anything at all that you would like some advice on, whether you’re thinking about your own funeral plans or you need to make arrangements for a loved on, please drop me a line.  I’d be delighted to help…