December – the month of celebration for many religions

Written by Director Gareth Coles:

In Wales, we closely associate December with Christmas, a favourite celebration in the Christian calendar. Yet December is a month of spiritually significant days for many religions. So as we’re half-way through Advent, a special time of reflection, remembrance and celebration for us here at Coles, we’d like to take the opportunity to respectfully acknowledge all the religious festivities of the Season, and send our best wishes to each and everyone in Cardiff’s diverse community.Just last night, Cardiff’s Jewish community started celebrating Hanukkha – the 8 night festival of light; at the beginning of the month, Muslims may have celebrated the birth of their Prophet; last week Buddhists meditated on Bodhi Day (to commemorate the Buddha’s achievement of Nirvana); meanwhile, Druids and Pagans are preparing for Winter Solstice/Yule next week.

And then at the end of the month on 31st December many people of different faith’s will join together in the civil celebration of Hogmanay – a time when “clearing one’s debts, cleaning the house, and welcoming guests and strangers” are widely practised traditions. Hogmany also heralds in the New Year, when people resolve to get their affairs and finances in order, and plan ahead.

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However you’re celebrating this December, the team here at Coles wishes you a very happy holiday filled with good cheer!