Burial, cremation and other alternatives

Written by Director, Gareth Coles:

Around three quarters of all funerals in the UK are now cremations. They can work out slightly cheaper than a burial, particularly as the funeral service can be held at the crematorium itself, which is increasingly popular for non-religious families. Your loved one’s ashes will be ready for collection after a matter of a few days – or we can inter them in a casket of your choice. You don’t need to make any immediate decision about what to do with them and ashes can be kept with us until you feel ready to make the decision.Natural Burial
While most burials tend to be in traditional cemeteries, more people are choosing a natural or woodland burial. A natural burial embraces all faiths, or no faith at all, allowing people perfect freedom to acknowledge and celebrate loved ones exactly as they wish. Bodies are committed to the land with minimal disturbance to the natural environment and with no lasting impact. Graves remain unmarked, (although plotted with highly accurate geographic information system – GIS), allowing the natural habitat to become a living memorial. (You can even have your remains transformed into a living reef when you die, saving space on land and providing shelter at sea.)

Bio Urns
There is a growing trend right now for storing remains in a biodegradable urn that will aid the growth of a tree seed that’s packed along with your essence. So now you can be a tree when you die!

If you would like to discuss how we can help you plan a humanist funeral for someone who has died recently, or you’d like to pre-plan your own service – give us a call on 029 2079 7516.