A solution to the most common issues faced by grieving families

Written by Director, Gareth Coles:

My blogs so far this month have been about the financial reasons for taking out a funeral plan – and the key reason most people haven’t done so yet: “they just haven’t got round to it!” But today, I’d like to share some insights that demonstrate why getting organised and taking out a funeral plan this year could be of more benefit to your family than you might imagine…As well as the financials reported in the Cost of Dying research*, the study also revealed the most common issues faced by grieving families. And if you’ve ever had to organise a funeral, chances are you will have experienced one or many of these challenges:


  1. Not knowing any or all of the deceased’s funeral wishes
  2. Overwhelm with the amount of organisation needed
  3. Difficulty getting in touch with the right people
  4. Disagreements with other family members about arrangements
  5. Difficulty in releasing funds for the funeral provision
  6. Legal queries about funeral provision
  7. Not knowing if a loved one has a funeral plan or savings in place.


Sadly, many of the people who walk into our funeral homes in Rumney and Heath looking for our help, have experienced similar things. And that’s ok, because we’re here to help you navigate your way through the difficult time and arrange the funeral that perfectly reflects the life of your loved one.

But as many of our customers have explained, they come back in to see us after the funeral to make arrangements for their own funeral – because “it’s much nicer if its all down on paper” and everyone knows your final wishes.

Here’s a video of just a few of our customers who explain why, after having to arrange a funeral for someone they cared about, they then took out their own pre-paid funeral plan:

Arranging a funeral for a loved one can be particularly difficult, which is why, as a SAIFCare provider, we offer all our customers free bereavement counselling. It’s one of the many reasons people choose Coles to take care of their loved one, and to take care of them when the time comes.

If you’d like to get your final wishes ‘down on paper’ and arrange a payment plan that means your funeral arrangements are all take care of – fill in the quick form today and one of the team will be in touch to arrange your free, no obligation consultation.

And if saving lots of money and getting your affairs in order isn’t incentive enough – when you take out your funeral plan, and then refer a friend to Coles and they take out a plan by 14thFebruary, we’ll give you £50 M&S Vouchers…

* SunLife (2018), Cost of Dying Report, sunlife.co.uk/costofdying2018