A generous gift for your family

Written by Director of Communications, Francesca Coles:

This year, perhaps more than most, I’ve been struck by the number of advertisements and campaigns that are advocating the giving of love, kindness, and compassion this Christmas time…In times of economic uncertainty like our current Brexit situation, the trend is to focus on ‘experience giving’ and spending quality time with our loved ones. When people feel apprehensive about the future, they are also reported to be better at keeping in touch, sending thoughtful messages (both through the post and digitally) to the people they care about. I suppose when you think about it, it stands to reason.

So lets talk about one of the most thoughtful things you can do for your loved ones… pre-planning your funeral! This might seem like an odd thing to say, but when we ask our customers why they are taking out a funeral plan, it’s usually one of two reasons. And more often than not, it’s for both reasons:

  1. To make it easier for their family or friends when the time comes. With all their wishes written down clearly, no one is in any doubt about the send off they want.
  2. To take away the financial burden of their funeral. Funeral prices are increasing every single year, so fixing the price of theirs and paying for it up front makes complete financial sense.

There are of course lots of other personal reasons for taking out a funeral plan – some of which are difficult to talk about – as you’ll see if you watch this video featuring some of Coles’ customers. But even if you find it difficult to talk about your final wishes and how you’d like your funeral to be arranged with your family, talking to us and putting a plan in place will help give you some peace of mind…

Over Christmas and as we head into the New Year, it’s our busiest time for customers like you taking out funeral plans. Spending time with our loved ones gets everyone in the mood for acts of kindness and generosity. And during January, we all feel encouraged to get our affairs in order for the year ahead!

If you’d like a meeting with one of the team to chat about the sort of funeral plan that can be tailored to your budget – you can pop into our Rumney or Heath funeral homes during working hours. Or simply give us a call and we’ll arrange a time for Gareth or one of the team to pop out to meet you.

And as we head into the final week before Christmas – from our family to yours – we hope you have a lovely time with your loved ones!