Taking time to understand the role of God in the life of the deceased, and in your family, we’ll work with your Pastor or Minister to create an order of service with hymns and scripture that are of personal significance.

Here at Coles Funeral Directors we know from experience that every Methodist and Baptist Church here in Cardiff is independent and has different ways of conducting a funeral, understanding the role of God in the life of your loved one, and the meaning to your family, will help us to determine the style and delivery of the service.

Whether you’d like a sombre and reflective ceremony that gives the family the opportunity to express grief and affirm faith or you’d prefer a more joyous occasion that celebrates your loved one’s life and their afterlife with God as their soul is reunited  – we’ll work with you and your Pastor or Minister to arrange a service featuring Christian hymns and scripture readings that are of personal significance to your loved one and your family.

Simply get in touch to discuss the funeral you would like us to arrange, and we can meet you in person at your home, at our funeral home in the heart of Cardiff, or at your church.